Few places on earth exude eternal beauty like Dominica, located in the Eastern Caribbean (West Indies), just a short hop south of Antigua, in between the two French islands of Guadeloupe to the North and Martinique to the South.  Dominica, also called The Nature Island, offers an unforgettable experience to all visitors, and a unique lifestyle to all who move here.

If you are looking for an income rental opportunity, this is a turn-key investment, a money-making property on one of the last unspoiled islands of the Caribbean.   6 unique cottages plus a TreeHouse with 360 degree rain-forest views.  Owners are ready to sell – price is set at a very reasonable level, significantly lower than recommended by some agencies.  It is more than just a property – this opportunity offers you a whole new exciting life-style!

In operation for 20 years, the property is immaculately maintained, including a brand new roof, new electric, fresh spring water, and terraced organic gardens all around.  New owners can take over operations right away, without any need to close down for renovations or transitions. There is enough space for new owner/manager to live in one of the cottages or the larger TreeHouse.

The excellent location adds to the success of this place, as it lies just down the road from the most iconic waterfall of Dominica, Trafalgar Falls, and is also within minutes of all of the major hiking destinations and attractions in the southern part of the island, yet it is just minutes to Roseau – Dominica’s capital.

Please see About page for all details, Gallery for photos of the property and surrounding attractions, and Contact Us – to discuss this exciting new step in your life.

Thank you for your interest in this fine Caribbean property for sale.


Here you can view photos of the property, and also photos of some of surrounding attractions to give you a better feel of this place.


see 360 degree VR panorama of tree-house building here
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Photos below show nearby attractions, hiking destinations and sightseeing spots, to give you a general flavour of Dominica and it’s nature.
Photos by  Derek Galon